Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dream Interpretation: Make the turn to get what you say you want

Pay attention to levels and directions in your dreams.  These will offer clues to your current status and the route your dream suggests for you.

Dear SMYD,

Background:  I gained a lot of weight while I lived a high stress life for more than 25years.  When I first retired and changed my life, I decided to go on a diet.  I lost 20lbs pretty fast.  But I have been stuck for over a year now.  I want to lose about 20 more pounds.  I use my Wii balance board every day.  I even tried “Losing it with Jillian” exercise DVD’s.  I track everything – minutes of activity, food eaten, calories burned – the works.  I feel like I’m doing everything right, but I just go up 2lbs and down 2lbs. 

In my dream I am driving my car in the dark and it comes to light that the car is overheated.  I am distressed by this and tell my passenger (don’t know who it is), "Oh no!  I've been driving it overheated for a long time."

Next I'm in the garage with Jillian Michaels!  I'm standing on my Wii balance board and there is a tow rope attached.  I'm up on some sort of platform.  There is snow on the floor of the garage.  We have devised some sort of game – the garage door will open and Jillian will tow me out on the board as though it were a ski.

But I’m not ready.  First off, I'm facing the wall of the garage and the door is perpendicular to me on my right.  And I'm on a raised platform.  So when she begins to tow me I will drop off the platform, have to make a right turn and then be towed out.  I tell her I'm not ready but the wheels are in motion.

What in the world does it mean?

Yoyo Dieter

Dear Yoyo,

Driving in the dark is a metaphor for going about your business while uninformed or unaware of something important.  In your case, that something could be your ‘overheated engine’ during all those years of stressful living and working.  In essence, you were ‘in the dark’ as to the damage you might be doing to yourself.

The raised platform in your dream most likely refers to the weight loss plateau where you say you are stuck, at a higher point than you want to be.  Fitness guru Jillian Michaels is ready to tow you off, but it will require a radical turn from what you have been doing.  You say you ‘even tried’ her exercise DVD’s, which implies a short-lived or half-hearted effort.  Current wisdom says dieting and tracking calories is half the equation.  Exercise, represented by Jillian, is the other half of the tried-and-true formula. 

Twice in your dream you say you are not ready to make the turn and be pulled off the plateau.  Examine the truth of that statement Dear Dreamer.  What will it take for you to commit to a complete and proven weight loss program?

Sweet Dreams to You!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Takes time to make up your mind

Unlike today's dreamer, these cows can't wait to get out to the next pasture.

Look for reversals or contradictory elements in your dreams.  They will show you the crux of the decision you are bound to make.  Today’s dreamer asks, “Should I stay or should I go?”

Dear SMYD,

Many of my friends and family members in my age group seem excited about the idea of retirement.  It has taken me a while to warm up to it.  I guess I have been a little anxious about what I would do or even who I would be if I’m not working any more.  I still plan to work a while longer, but over the past year or so, retirement has been more and more appealing, probably because things at work just are not what they used to be.  I keep it to myself, but my new boss is really just a jerk and the new direction for the company leaves me pretty dissatisfied and ready to take the retirement plunge.  I could be a positive influence, but I feel like no one wants to hear what I have to say.

I was thinking about this last night and then I had this dream:  I’m traveling with a group of people to China or Russia – a big foreign country – I feel like I’m defecting!  We have reached the border and are lined up to go through customs.  Each person ahead of me presents his documents to the agent and is cleared to pass through.  But when it comes to my turn, I don’t seem to have my passport or any other paperwork to satisfy the agent.  He blows his whistle and I am escorted to a holding area where I must wait.  This makes me frustrated and tired.  I want to go with my co-workers!


Still Got Game

Dear Gamer,

Your dream has chosen a vast foreign country to represent your frame of mind about retirement.  It is the great unknown to you, as you said – Who will you be and what will you do when you enter that wide open expanse?  The feeling of defection in your dream mirrors the feelings you have about your long-time workplace – you could be, and still want to be helpful.  Therefore, you can’t help thinking of retirement as escaping under adverse circumstances – a coward’s way out from a fighter’s point of view.

Then comes the reversal, even though you feel a bit cowardly about leaving, when you find yourself blocked at the exit, you feel frustrated and angry.  Your peers get to go ahead of you!  Smooth sailing for them!  It’s just not fair!  You are escorted to a holding tank, a penalty box of sorts, where you must wait “a while longer” and watch until your time comes.

Your dream illustrates the dilemma you’re faced with, Dear Dreamer, a sort of damned-if-I-do, damned-if-I don’t predicament.  It’s a normal state of mind for someone like you who is making his peace with one phase of life before moving on to the next.  All in good time.

Sweet Dreams to You!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dream Interpretation - Disaster is headed your way

Our dreams offer multiple layers of meaning.  Most of what they present comes in the form of metaphor, but we have countless examples of their predictive capacity as well.  Today’s dreamer may take advice from the literal and figurative interpretations of her dream.

Dear SMYD,

A while ago you really helped me figure out a dream I had about my grandmother and I really appreciated it.
I have had another disturbing dream and was wondering if you could help me out again?

My dream was:  My husband and I were riding his Harley.  It was on a busy highway, but I did not recognize the road, and we were going quite fast.  A car was approaching our side of the road, coming at us head on.  The bike began to 'shudder' and I knew we were about to crash.  I remember realizing I didn't have my protective leather jacket on and therefore I knew I was going to shred my arms to bits in the inevitable crash.  I knew that my husband knew what I was going to feel when we crashed and my arms were shredded.  I placed my arms around him and just kept repeating, “It's going to be alright, it's going to be alright.”

My daughter came into my bedroom two days later and told me she had a nightmare - that I had died (she didn't know how) but she was attending my funeral!

Can you please help decipher any of this?


Hoping It Isn’t True

Dear Hoping,

Our dreams can be very unsettling!  Sorry you've had such a jarring dream to deal with, coupled with your daughter’s nightmare!

Your daughter's dream is most likely not a part of yours, but rather a metaphor for establishing her own identity.  Try not to worry too much about this.  But of course, wear your leather jacket and helmet if you go for a ride!

Your dream seems to be speaking about an endeavor you and your husband have embarked upon; represented by your motorcycle ride on a busy (business) road with which you are unfamiliar.  This venture requires dexterity and balance and is moving forward quickly.  It is risky; you can foresee a negative outcome; and you’re without your protective gear.  Your husband is at risk too, even though he seems unaware or unconcerned.

You can see that disaster is imminent - the car coming at you head-on.  Both you and your husband know that the very things that can protect you - your arms - will be shredded.  Yet you continue your forward motion with a vain effort to protect/console him and yourself, "It's going to be alright."

Perhaps this venture takes the waking form of a rush to an action or decision of some kind.  Sometimes such things move forward, even when both parties involved have reservations, because neither person is willing to speak out and change the course:  "If s/he thinks it's OK, then it must be OK."  Don’t wait to speak your mind, Dear Dreamer!

Sweet Dreams to You!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dream Interpretation: Quit groveling - you're the boss

Whenever a dream seems to “just be about” something you already know, look again.  Careful attention will reveal the next step or a different perspective on what you might first think is simple a rehash of the day’s events.  Today’s dreamer share such an example.

Dear SMYD,

I got into a squabble with a woman I work with, “Linda.”  Actually, I am her boss; she’s my secretary/office manager.  She does a good job in almost every way, but there are a couple of things that she needs to improve:  She’s at least a few minutes late to work every day and her work area is a mess.  Since her area’s the first thing everyone sees when they come into our workplace, this is a problem.  

I love and appreciate her, but I had to confront her with these issues and she took it very personally.  She seemed to think that because we work closely together, have fun and laugh together, that she is exempt from the work standards I have to enforce with everyone.  Anyway, her feelings were hurt and she is not getting over it.  Our workplace and relationship are strained and uncomfortable.

Now I’ve had this dream.  It felt as though Linda and I were conversing with each other just as I have described.  It didn’t seem like a dream at all except that it occurred while I was sleeping!  

Here it is:    I am apologizing to Linda.  It's a tenuous conversation in which I say I'm sure I hurt her.  She seems to accept my apology and I relax, but then she comes around again with angry accusations.  Her acceptance of my apology is superficial.  She seems to want to reconcile, but is not able to yet.  And then the dream starts over and repeats itself.


Tired of Feeling Guilty

Dear Tired,

Our dreams do not come just to tell us what we already know.  Your dream has established a context which is easily recognizable – it is about the shift in your relationship with Linda.  But it is not simply repeating or describing that change.  You don’t need your dream to tell you that.  Your dream repeats itself and thereby insists that you review how you and Linda have handled the aftermath.  It shows you in a position of apologizing for doing your job and holding her accountable for hers.  You feel guilty for this – why? 

Your dream shows you that your continual apologies will not alter the circumstances.  Linda will reverse her acceptance and “hold it over you” that you hurt her feelings.  She may forgive you at some point, but as your dream shows, she may not.  Why should she?  She’s in a position of power now that you feel guilty and continually apologize.  That’s the best revenge for someone who needs to improve but won’t admit it.  Linda tries to parlay her friendly relationship with you into a pass for poor performance. 

You’ve done nothing wrong Dear Dreamer.  Move on.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dream Interpretation - Go ahead! Fly your kite!

Today’s dreamer dreams about his dream of going into business for himself.

Dear SMYD,

I have a good job that meets my needs, but it’s not much fun or very inspiring at all.  I’ve been working on the side creating a small business doing something I love – kite building.  My family calls it my hobby, but it’s more than that to me.  They constantly remind me how difficult starting out on your own can be and how many small businesses fail.  All they ever say is, “Don’t jeopardize your security!”

I’ve been nurturing a relationship with a retailer near my home, hoping to sell my kites in greater quantities.  I’m excited about this and want to make my living this way.  I guess it’s natural that I would dream about kites:

I am with a young boy who has a kite to fly.  His kite is one of those rectangular parachutes with lines from both ends used for maneuvering.  He can take off with this kite; he can fly. 

He does take off, but when he reaches the sky he knocks down another young boy flying in another similar kite.  This young boy is bundled up with braces and a helmet and goggles & protective gear of various kinds.  He looks like he’s going into a hazardous materials spill!

When he falls to the ground there is a crowd of people who are shocked and worried for his well-being.  They are also upset with the young boy who knocked him down and with me.  I tell the young boy of course you must go and check on the boy who fell.  You must shake his hand.

We go to the next block over and work our way through the crowd to find that young boy in the headquarters of a marathon race.  He is okay – no harm done.


Kite Flyer

Dear Kite Flyer,

Your dream offers encouragement to you and your endeavors in a couple of ways.  Think of the boys in the dream as different parts of yourself.  Both boys can fly!  

The boy in the air, all bundled up is the part of you that tries to follow the advice of your family, protecting himself from any hazard that might come from flying so high.  But lo and behold!  He flies even with every awkward precaution in place.

The folks on the ground, your family and friends who discourage you, are upset that you even tried to fly and in so doing knock down their assertions that you must protect yourself and not take risks.  The overprotected boy – you – aren’t injured when knocked out of the sky by the more adventurous part of you.

Your Dreaming Self urges you to find him, the trailblazer, and shake his hand – acknowledge that part of you that may be a little like him.  No real harm is done even if you fail (fall), Dear Dreamer.  Just remember that the road to success in your new venture isn’t a sprint, but a marathon.

Sweet Dreams to You!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dream interpretation - Organize first, then move forward

Today’s dream offers a review for our dreamer – what was and what is before finding what might be.

Dear SMYD,

At one time I taught 5 or 6 yoga classes a week in a very strong athletic and physically demanding style.  Now there are some changes in my life:  We moved to a new town from our home of almost 40 years.  And I have dropped down to teaching only two classes.  They are of the “gentle’ variety for older people with stiff bodies.  People expect more breathing and meditation in these “asana” classes.  Since I am very physical and I prefer gym classes, this presents some conflict.

Now my dream:

I am teaching a yoga class in a big house with many rooms.  The students are in different rooms and I am running around giving instructions.  I tell them to all come to one room, but when they do it’s crowded.  I start to teach, then there is a break and they are in different rooms again.  When I go to a second room students are lounging around on couches and bar stools.  One is looking at his 35mm camera and some photos.  I think- yes!  Teaching opportunity!  "You know how you are so involved with your camera?  This is yoga.  Sustained directed focus." 

It’s almost time for class to end.  I try to gather students into one room, but some students from the first room have left.  Outside former friend/client (who was a teacher and has died) is putting the photos in an album.  I ask, "Will this building continue to be used for classes?  It needs some walls taken down; it has too many rooms.”


Different Life/Same Me

Dear Different,

Your dream reflects a natural pause and assessment that you may be going through as you re-establish your life with new parameters.  It presents your ‘teachable moment.’

First, the element of the dream that has you trying to collect students from diverse rooms around the house may be speaking to the idea that you seem to be 'condensing' your practice, both on a literal level - 6 classes down to 2 – and on a figurative level – from the more physical practice of your past to the more meditative practice expected of you now.  These changes are most likely disconcerting or stressful.  This would denote your waking state of mind as you make the adjustments.

In addition, your dream speaks to the place where you are in life now.  With 'sustained directed focus' you are reviewing what has been, (a wide and varied practice), what is (a smaller, less demanding practice) and what might be.  Organizing those photos into the album is a memorializing of your work and your life to date.  Like students who've left the room, some things are left behind.  Your questions to your past (“passed”) friend about what will become of the building might be restated as, “What will become of me?”  Not to worry, Dear Dreamer.  You are working things out!

Sweet Dreams to You!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dream to Dreamer: Go your own way

Our dreams speak to us in the universal language of symbols and metaphors.  Certain archetypal images apply no matter the culture of the dreamer.  Today’s dreamer offers an excellent case in point.

Dear SMYD,

In my country, marriages are made with promises.  “Lola” promised me and I love her so much.  My aunt says to Lola that I am not serious with her.  I tried to prove to her that I am serious.  I am even praying that I want to get married to this lady.  My pressure is that I may not lose her but get her for my life.

I dreamt crossing the river.  We were many; but the river has little water which was also pure.  In some places we were walking on the dry sand to avoid getting wet.  Others looked to be afraid.  So we were all encouraging each other that no people left behind.  Faith works.  As we crossed we were singing a certain song that says believe all are possible.  We manage to cross through. 

After crossing I took my own way.  Others were going to the near town, but it seems to me I was going to another town.  But I was able to communicate with them as if I am with them.  One lady said I will deposit you the money which I have.  So I was happy. 

Then I saw Lola, but we are not yet in agreement.  Lola said my aunt told her, “He doesn’t mind about you.”  I said, “No it is not true.”  Then we were in the river bank after crossing.  That’s where I met her.  The forest of that place was so beautiful and was green but there was a way which we were using to pass.
So please what does this mean?


Wanting to Marry Lola

Dear Wanting,

Crossing a river is symbolic of crossing any threshold into a new way of thinking and a new life.  Your dream reflects that crossroads in your life.  You must be brave and cross into new territory in order to prove yourself and have the one you love.

Perhaps you have been afraid like the people in your dream.  Your dream points out that you must now go your own way – to the other town, not the one that is closest and easiest to get to.  Even though your fears come to the forefront, a song of encouragement assures you that faith works and all things are possible. 

Sure enough, Dear Dreamer, when you reach the other side, you learn that the “money is in the bank.”  And better still, Lola is there waiting for you.

Your dream offers you confidence that though you may feel anxious, now is not the time to follow the crowd.  This is how you prove to yourself and Lola that you are serious.  Only when you go your own way are your prayers answered.  It is then that you find yourself in the beautiful and green forest with the woman you love.

Sweet Dreams to You!